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Matt Tilley

Chief Communications Officer – Foodbank When I heard that Foodbank was the type of organisation that could cleverly disguise a cycling weekend in the high country as a ‘charity event’ I knew it was the place for me. Offering me a title that has every single vowel in it was just icing on the cake. And yeah, they help people and stuff as well, which is kinda nice. If your one of those types who likes to help that’s nice too but…it’s now time to cough up. Every $1 donated is 2 meals created. Every $2 donated is a tax deduction waiting to happen. I’ll leave it up to you to decide your motivation. Thanks for your support!


Messages from donors
  • Shannon Laffey Well done Matty $100
  • Simon McPhee $50
  • Michael Sewards Well done mate! $500
  • Anonymous Great work Matteo $50
  • Brendon Dangar C’mon Mattyboy, just like Craneo you’ll have to lift to get this done. Good one! $50
  • Jack Tilley $30
  • The Markets Academy Pty Ltd Safe ride V! $100
  • Anonymous Ride as fast as a leopard $51
  • Philip Thorpe May the wind be at your back and the roads be downhill for you Matt and Team. $100
  • Juliette Alush Go Matt !! $50
  • Andrew Tilley $150
  • Matthew Hogg $200
  • Brad Hulme Because you look so good in purple!! Ride hard ride safe. $50
  • Nicholas Wright Well done Matt great cause $100
  • Anonymous Go, Skip! $100
  • Ben James Push hard Matty - get on the rivet $100
  • Grace Tilley Get on the rivet!! $50
  • Tony & Josephine Spiteri $100
  • Scott Carmichael Go Matty $100
  • Ashley Nolan Agencies Good luck mate ride well. $100
  • Megan Sloley Go Speed Racer $250
  • Hamish Blake Woof!! $1,000
  • John Mentiplay $100
  • Dean Van Gerrevink Looking forward to the Matt Tilley mockumentary where you become prime minister of Australia and defend us against evil invaders $200
  • Craig Bingham $280
  • Ross Opie Ride fast $100
  • Origin Energy Foundation Matching Origin employee donation $30
  • Louise Gillespie Ride strong Matt! $30
  • Rob Osborn Looks like a great set up and a worth cause Matt. Enjoy the ride. Robbo $60
  • Can Do Someone once said “Go hard or go home”…. You’ve got this Matty!! $100
  • Tony Gaitanis Go hard Matt, you got this!!! $500
  • Lazy Dog Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof $100
  • Tenfarms Pty Ltd Good luck Matt $200
  • Sam Cavanagh Go Old Doggy!! $100
  • Warren Bennett Ride well my friend. $100
  • Carl Snowsill Great work Matty! $100
  • Anonymous Old Eastern adage by the Hon. Chairman: Moutai fuels the endeavour. $100
  • Colonel-Consiglieri-Carrington-Ox-Streak-Chair DeckDads Onwards and Upwards Sir Humphrey $300
  • SIMON PENDERGAST Matthew Vernon Thompson Tilley ride at the speed you used to reach heading down Bareena Drive $200
  • Cameron MacDonald $100
  • Peter Womersley $200
  • Peter Filipetto Good on you Matt. You do deserve a new bike! $50
  • Buxton Sandringham $500
  • Stuart Womersley $100
  • Anonymous It's only a hill, get over it. - Fly $100
  • David Buntine $100
  • Graham Whitson Keep up the good work V $100
  • CAMERON WATSON go well mate ... $200
  • Ash Peat Great stuff Matty. $50
  • Alistair Barkhouse Good work V. Don’t have too much fun! $100
  • Ian Peebles Great initiative Matt. $50
  • Mike Perso Go MVTT! $100
  • Simon Murphy Nice Work! Enjoy the ride (down the hills) and the cold drinks after the event. $50
  • Matt Tilley You remain an inspiration to me - if only your wife would let you have a new bike for this big ride. $100
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