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Peter Svilar

Peter Svilar - I am the Kegging Unit Manager for CUB in Abbotsford. My dedicated team is responsible for packaging all the great CUB beers into kegs that are on tap in venues across the southern half of Australia. I have taken up cycling this year to improve my physical and mental health. I am inspired to get behind FoodBank to do my part to ensure no child goes hungry in this " lucky country." I have had first hand experience with this and hope that my fund raising efforts will ensure that FoodBank continue to support those families in need.


Messages from donors
  • Noel Burke What can i say but OUCH! $50
  • Jeffrey Young Too late to say anything except recover well $50
  • Danny Johns Well done on supporting such a great cause - hope the knee is ok. Danny & Bec x $25
  • Melinda Christophersen Good luck hope it goes well $50
  • Claudio Nyaguy Great stuff Peter $50
  • Laly Navarro Go Pete! Hope you enjoy the ride :) $50
  • Ben Chapman Best of luck Peter, u can do it $40
  • WOLFGANG KRIEGER Have fun, hope all goes well. Great stuff $50
  • Luke Henry Good luck $30
  • Priya Sanyal What a great cause... good luck Peter! $50
  • Paul Kershaw $50
  • Paul Greksa Good luck Peter $50
  • Curtis Young Good luck. Hope it's a nice day $20
  • Mick Fowler Next year SAS Australia Pete ? Good luck mate. $50
  • William Morris Good luck mate! $20
  • Courtney Rohde Good on you Peter, good luck! $50
  • Hristijan Ristevski Good luck Pete! $50
  • Gayle Bannon Great Job Peter $100
  • Linda Stojanovich Well done Peter on supporting such a great cause! $50
  • Anonymous $20
  • Michael lammer Please don’t wear your white lycra outfit $50
  • David Baxter Best of luck Pete - remember slow and steady wins the race!! $50
  • Theodora Pipopoulos Such a great cause: have fun and well done for undertaking this challenge. $100
  • Matt Petrofes $25
  • jeff Anderson $25
  • Grant Liddy Good Luck $40
  • Nicole Lam Thank you Peter!!! $50
  • Ann-Marie and Renato Ciccosillo Great work Peter and team. Enjoy the ride and have fun $50
  • Rebecca Aguirre $50
  • Marc Dally Nice one Pete, good luck on the ride. Cheers, marc $20
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