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Joe McClelland

Joe McClelland- I am a lover of all things cycling and am completing the 2020 graduate program at Asahi Beverages!

I'm joining up for the 2020 Hunger ride to help in fundraising efforts towards a great cause as no one should ever have to go hungry! This year has been a difficult one for many and I'm hoping I can help give back and that we can all make a difference to help all those vulnerable children and families out there.


Messages from donors
  • Nick Gledhill Yesssss Joseph, yessss $50
  • Lucy Fairhall $30
  • Don Bradman $50
  • Reilly O'Farrell Inspirational stuff mate! $40
  • Tess Penfold Go Joe! $50
  • Jacqui M Double thumbs up for you big dog Joe 👍👍 $30
  • Vivienne Wild Good Luck for Saturday! $15
  • A McClelland Ganbatte! $130
  • Kate McClelland Remember irs all mental!! $100
  • Audra Perkins All the best for the ride. $50
  • Daniel Lewis If you need any motivation on your ride just think about that sweet Javelin waiting for you when you get back home mate $100
  • Thomas Sudano $30
  • Serry Solicitors Enjoy the hills Joe $50
  • Jordan Eastway Good on you, Joe! $20
  • Thomas Smith Love your work! $50
  • Maddy Grimsey Nice work Joe! $30
  • Nick Blaich $50
  • Sam Hill Brilliant work Joe! $15
  • Angelique Kyritsis Love your work! $20
  • Zac Luker Great work mate you will smash it! $20
  • Joe McClelland $200
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