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Dave McNamara

I'm the CEO of Foodbank Victoria and our vision is simple - we want healthy food for all. It breaks my heart that 1 in 5 Australian kids arrive at school or go to bed hungry. While we currently help to feed over 116,000 Victorians each month, I'm hoping The Hunger Ride can raise much-needed funds to help us reach even more vulnerable children and their families. No one deserves to go hungry. If you agree, please donate. Thanks for your support!


Messages from donors
  • Philip Oliver Great effort Dave, sorry for the delay $200
  • Claire Hooper Better late than never! $100
  • Narelle Kingston $100
  • ACM $2,000
  • C.T Freight Pty Ltd Great work on supporting such a fantastic cause! $1,000
  • Anonymous $1
  • Anonymous Happy riding! $50
  • Ben Pratt $200
  • Pressroom Partners $6,000
  • alan williams Keeo up the great work $100
  • Advanced Mailing Solutions Great Cause Great Initiative - Go Dave and Team Foodbank $300
  • David Harris $2,500
  • SkyBus Sorry can't be there Dave, but ride strong and make sure Cookey doesn't stop for a beer this time!! $750
  • Anonymous Keep up the great work. Happy pedalling. $500
  • Yarraville Health Group So sorry that Trev can't be riding this year with you but the cause is still important! $250
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