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Su O'Hoy Herrera

I am the General Manager of Prestige Foods Manufacturing and a keen cyclist. However, over the last few years, my cycling has been limited to spinning classes at the gym, occasional mountain bike rides on my own through the bush around Bendigo or watching the Tour de France (as a spectator or on TV). Therefore the opportunity Prestige Foods and CT Freight have given my husband Jerry and me by encouraging and sponsoring our participation in the forthcoming Hunger Ride, has reignited our love for spending time together cycling outdoors. Furthermore, we are both very passionate about working with Food Bank and assisting them to break the cycle of hunger for vulnerable Victorian children and their families. Your donations will help to make this possible.


Messages from donors
  • Ed Currenti Well done Queen! $50
  • Prestige Foods Manufacturing $3
  • Xue Jiao $25
  • Prestige Foods Manufacturing Staff $6
  • Sandra Sunkel $15
  • Pat O'Shea "Even though you might not feel it, think it, hear it or believe it, you ARE good enough. Fear is a lying bitch. (Craig Harper) $25
  • Danny Walker $50
  • Win O'Hoy Good luck and give Jerry plenty of encouragement! $50
  • Pastoral Industries Good luck and have an enjoyable, safe ride! From the team at Pastoral $250
  • Prestige Foods International $200
  • Mike Murray Thank you for doing this on behalf of Foodbank and Prestige Foods. I think this is a wonderful effort! Good luck. $200
  • Simon Miller Inspirational effort Su - good luck with the ride. $25
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